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SpotON Radio is free, but you need a Spotify Premium membership to use it.

SpotON Radio FREE


  • Access to 15+ million tracks

    Built on Spotify technology, which gives access to over 15 million tracks, streamed instantly online. Crazy.
  • Create personal radio stations

    Pick one of your favorite artists, and tap to create unique radio stations similar to their style. So easy it got Pete's grandma to buy an iPhone.
  • Adapt stations to your taste

    Like and dislike songs to fine tune your listening experience. If you're as picky as some of us, you'll love this. For the most of us, we don't need to.
  • You'll want to share

    You can of course share tunes with your friends, but even more awesome is you can save them to your Spotify playlists. You can even export a station's entire history as a playlist.
  • Free as in beer and as in ad free

    SpotON Radio requires a Spotify Premium membership to run. That's not free. But we are. At least for now.


  • Can I use SpotON Radio with AirPlay?

    Oh yes! Just enable AirPlay from the Settings tab whenever a device is nearby.
  • When will SpotON Radio be available on iPad, Android or desktop?

    We'd love to expand to more platforms, most definitely. We can't say too much about specific plans but stay tuned for updates!
  • Does the app support scrobbling?

    We currently don't support scrobbling. It's not impossible that we'll add it in upcoming versions.
  • What sound quality does SpotON Radio provide?

    You can enable "Audiophile quality" in Settings to get 320 kpbs on both wi-fi and 3G.
  • The app crashed when I started an old station!

    Some users have experienced this issue and we're working on a new app update to resolve this.
  • How do I download SpotON?

    SpotON is currently available as an iPhone/iPod app. You can download SpotON from the the App Store.
  • Do I need a Spotify premium account?

    Yes. You can sign up for a Premium account on
  • The app doesn't work when I'm offline or on a sketchy internet connection.

    SpotON Radio streams music from Spotify. A fast network connection - WiFi or 3G with good reception - is preferred for a great listening experience.
  • I got some other issue with SpotON Radio.

    Oh no! :( But feel free to drop us a line, and we'll help you out:
  • SpotON Radio is built with ♥ and The Echonest and Spotify API's.

    This product is not affiliated with or endorsed by Spotify. We're lone gunmen, fighting the fight for a better interface to music packaged as the most beautiful user experience possible.

    ...but saying all that takes a really long time, so we usually stick with "music listening deserves to be a kick ass user experience".

    "We" in this case being the gang behind SpotON Radio: the dynamic duo Springworks and Rebel&Bird.

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