Release Notes

SpotON Radio 1.1: Seaholm


Version highlights

  • What you listen to is now automatically saved as playlists in Spotify (look for the special SpotON folder).
  • Liking a track now also stars it in Spotify. (can be switched off in the app settings)
  • Access AirPlay and Bluetooth audio device controls directly in the app settings.
  • Sound quality over 3G can be changed to “audiophile”. (we are maxing out Spotify)
  • Music matching improvements, including playing the source artist more often.



Release notes

Social & Sharing

  • Now possible to share stations and tracks on Twitter.
  • Option to automatically share liked tracks to Facebook and Twitter.



  • The source artist for a station is played more often.
  • Improved how track metadata is displayed on Bluetooth devices.
  • Possible for us to exclude tracks, such as X-mas songs in February...
  • Increased likeliness of liked tracks/artists to be included more in a station.
  • Reduced likeliness of tracks to be repeated across stations.
  • Prettier loading indicator when loading tracks and reprogramming station



  • AirPlay can now be enabled from the Settings screen
  • Changed structure and design of the Settings screen
  • Possible to choose streaming quality on 3G
  • Using prettier switches for the settings


Playlist integration

  • Liked tracks are automatically starred (unless setting turned off)
  • Played tracks are added to artist station playlists in a SpotON Radio folder in Spotify

Other fixes

  • Device doesn't go into idle mode when charging.
  • The app will use less disk space.
  • Make it more apparent that there are more options on the station screen.
  • Fixed 1 pixel glitch with the middle tab on retina devices.
  • Instantly focusing on the search input field when creating a new station.
  • Saving database more often to make sure no data is lost if app crashes.
  • Resolved app crash after login for some users.
  • App no longer posts duplicate messages to Facebook about user being logged in to Spotify.
  • Resolved issues where the "Offline" label got stuck.
  • Improved the error message when a login fails.
  • Radio and Hide buttons can now be used by dragging them upwards/downwards
  • Reduced stuttering when liking tracks, particularly on 3GS devices.
  • Showing album cover on lock screen (iOS5+)
  • Reduced font size a little bit
  • Resolved issue where SpotON didn't work properly if user had changed Spotify password or consumed the 48 hour trial
  • Resolved app crash when station re-adjustment failed
  • Now possible to skip to the next track, even though the current track isn't loaded yet
  • Resolved issue where same artists were repeated multiple times.
  • Resolved issue where track "like" was unset when scrolling in a track.